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Files Sharing Ideas for Google Drive | Permissions on Google Drive | Business files on Google Drive | Tech About Need

Files Sharing Ideas for Google Drive | Permission management on Google Drive | Business files on Google Drive

Files Sharing Ideas for Google Drive | Permission management on Google Drive | Business files on Google Drive

Google Drive is the product of google. It provide the free storage of 15GB. We can also get the additional storage by purchase the premium subscription.

In daily use, We can use the google drive for storing the data, our own file and other google products files like google docs, google forms submission, sheets etc.

Google drive is mainly use for sharing the files with other persons. Some of the people are confuse when they share the files and cannot use access file by another person.

To good knowledge of sharing, we can easily share the file. We learn here to what types of sharing technics and how to share the file as per requirement.

Table Of Contents
  1. Google Drive Interface
  2. File Management
  3. File Operations
  4. Sharing Interface
  5. Get Link Interface
  6. Get Link Types
  7. Anyone With Link Types
  8. Special Permission

Google Drive Interface

Google Drive initial interface

Google Drive interface is seen like this type. To manage files, you can add folder to categories of your files.

Google Drive File Management

If you want to add file or create folder you can do click on New button or right click on the interface.

file management card of google drive

You can see this types of card where:

Red marked: this is use to create new folders.

Blue marked: this is use to upload files from the computer.

Yellow marked: this is use to upload folder directly from the computer.

And Other buttons are for create the google office files.

File Operations

file operations on google drive

When we right click on any uploaded file then we can see this card interface. We can get different options.

In this blog, we are only focused on the share the files. Share and Get link is important aspects of this blog.

Share is used to manage the file sharing system where Get link is mainly focused on the file sharing link.

Sharing Interface

sharing interface of google drive

After clicking on Share. We can see this types of interface.

Add pepole and groups is used for sharing the file to any email address. Here some permission to be set for sharing the file which we discuss on click here.

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Special Permissions

special permission of google drive

When you open the share and see the interface then in the top right corner. One settings icon is visible. On clicking on this, you can see this special permission interface.

You can see the Editors can change the permissions and share, after untick this editor cannot able to change the permission and the share.

For viewers and commenters untick the second option to make unable file from copy, download and print.

After reading this blog, we can choose your suitable share option.

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