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Know about Internship and Training Courses

Know about Internship and Training Courses

At the student level, many students want to learn and work on something. Some students learn skills through self-study and some students take classes to learn them.

Let us know which one is suitable for you.

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Know about Both

Internship and training courses help students develop their skills. Let's learn about both.

Training Courses

Training courses help to learn and develop skills. You don't need to know anything because you will learn skills from zero level. Most training courses are paid so you have to pay to learn it.

During the training period, you develop your skills but you do not get real world work experience. Training courses are for learning purposes only.


An internship is a definite period of learning and working where you can develop your initial skills and sharpen it. Some internships also offer money according to your job.

To join an internship, you need to have some work-related skills. You can get real world experience in internship. Some interns get job opportunities from the company according to their performance.

Which one is better for you ?

Training courses are great if you have no skills and want to learn special skills. You can also get resources from YouTube, websites. After completing the training, you can easily apply for an internship.

If you have a skill and you want to sharpen the skill then internship is for you. You can get real world experience and help from seniors to develop your skills.

How can you find training courses ?

Free courses

To get free courses, you can find in:
  • Youtube
  • W3schools
  • Freecodecamp
  • SoloLearn etc.

Paid Courses

To get paid courses, you can find in:
  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Coursera
  • Codedamn
  • Nearby Training Institute

How can you get into internship ?

To go to the internship, you need company information updated. Alternatively, you can get a letter from the college and show the company for an internship, if they have a vacancy you can become an intern.

Nowadays, some companies help you find an internship in the skill you are looking for. In Nepal, Internsathi is a good example.

Thanks for reading this blog. Hope you like it.

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